These are my three wonderful children. I feel blessed everyday to be lucky enough to be there mom. As they get older I see our relationships starting to change. This week was Spring Break from school and it was nice to have them home with me. They all had their friend time with sleep-overs and train rides to Reno for 4 days.. I missed them when they were gone.

As they grow I find it being more and more my mission to raise people not just children, people would love others unconditionally and respect those around them. I am truly blessed by God to have these kids. I could not have asked for better. I watch as Noah is getting older by the second and I am excited to see how our relationship will grow. We have always had a different kind of bond and I love him so much! Trinity is my only girl and for that I am grateful. We are very open with each other and I love that we can have our girl time. Zion is my baby. We spend most of our time together and I cherish it every time because all to soon he’ll be as busy as the others.

I love my relationships with everyone of my children, we are open with each other and have no secrets. I plan to do everything in my power to keep this going as we enter the teen years. So… Noah, Trinity, and Zion I love you more than I can ever tell you!!



Lincoln is our lap dog.. He thinks he is the size of say… a chihuahua. Even though there are days that I don’t like him much, he really is a good dog. Just don’t put a cat in front of him… He’s likely to run you into the wall. (It’s happened).. Anybody have a 125 pound that thinks he’s 10 pounds?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


So as many of you know we had a little of American Bulldogs and I couldn’t stand the thought of not keeping one of them. So I thought… I know we will keep the runt since the other too are so big. She will be nice and small and sweet! What! So anyway we have 3 American Bulldogs and Jo-Jo can take on her parents anytime. She chews on everything, torments her father ( it’s like she knows he cant do anything to her), she follows her mother anywhere, and loves to attack the children for no apparent reason.

Last night our friend Nik was here with his puppy that he got from us. Stonewall is really very sweet, Jo-Jo is not when it comes to other dogs besides her parents. she charged Stonewall which mind you he is twice her size and she literally tried to take him down. I think poor Stonewall was traumatized by his little sister.

The weather here has been really cold and snowy so Jo-Jo- and Lucy have been inside.. You can just imagine right? Yea. So another Christams with another puppy! This is our 4th year in a row of doing that and I think I’ve had enough. I told my children No nore puppies at Christmas.

I really love my little Jo-Jo- but sometimes I have to think…. REALLY???

So my computer was down for a couple months but it’s back and I’m ready to go. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Just letting you all know that I have returned and will do my best to keep up with the blogging thing.

This is my friend (sister) Kristin. Never in my life have I had a better friend. She is always there when I need her no matter what. She is a busy wife and mother of 3 boys but always seems to have the time to listen to me or to just hang out and see a movie with me. I have known Kristin my entire life. She was in high school when we met and I was 7. She was always at our house and eventually married Matt and they moved next door. They helped take care of Brody and I When we were younger and my mom was sick. I can’t imagine my life without her. I am very lucky to have someone like her in my life. We love like sisters and have even fought like sisters. I am looking forward to our BLACK FRIDAY!! Early morning Thanksgiving shooping is right around the corner and we have a great time. There is nobody I would rather stand outside Best Buy at 4am with! I love you Kristin!!

My Trinity has been told more than once that she will change the world someday. I truely believe she can and will. She has a confidence about her that some adults envy. I am one of them.  Trinity sets her mind to something and she doesn’t quit until she has accomplished it. She told me at 4 years old that she wanted to be Young Miss Auburn and this year she is the reigning Young Miss Auburn. She wants to preform and she finds a way. This weekend Trin was lucky enough to be part of a huge benefit concert that raised money for 2 local charities. She looked at home on that huge stage with a full orchestra and a 100 person choir singing behind her. She loves this stuff.

Trinity is definitely her own person. She never stops. Wednesday she will be at rehearsal for a Christmas concert. I wish I could have just an ounce of her confidence. She is my hero! Today she is running for class representative. She had to write her speech on a napkin at dinner last night. I’m starting to think she might be too busy!

I’m proud of my Trinny girl and I can’t wait to watch her change the world!!

 I have been coaching freshman level volleyball for 3 years at the same high school and last night was the most memorable night yet. I love what i do. I love each girl individually and look forward to every season and every new team. This year is different is no different. I have watched the girls I had my first year coaching at Placer grow into wonderful young women and as volleyball playsers. It’s exciting to see. I have very close relationships with some and I will treaure them always.

I feel extemely blessed to have been given this opportunity to be a part of Placer High School volleyball and I look forward to the seasons ahead. So about last night…. We had to travel to our rival Colfax High last night and the nerves were high. The bus ride was silent. The night started out with the freshman game which last a whole half an hour. My girls destroyed that Colfax team. I was so proud of them. The J.V lost but fought a good fight. Finally the game of the night started with a quick first 2 losses ( luckily Varsity plays 3 out of 5) The night was looking bleak. We came back and won the next 3 games. all which were very close. It was very exciting. The girls screamed and cried and some didn’t even know how to react. Nights like last night are my favorite parts of coaching!

So needless to say the bus ride home was far from quiet!!